Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Izzy trying to sneak in my bag before I left. We flew into New York (JFK) and then drove to New Jersey
to visit Greg's friend. Then made our way to Vermont.

My first glimpse of NYC
Time Square Hoboken, NJ - Home of the Cake Boss
I persuaded Greg to take me to Carlo's Bakery by telling him that we could buy something for breakfast there. When we got there there was a huge line of people just waiting to go in. We ended up at a little Italian bakery down the street, but I still got a picture.
Elysian Park in Hoboken, NJ
We found this park while walking around Hoboken.
It had great views of Manhattan across the Hudson River.
Empire State Building from Elysian Park
Sandy Hook, NJ
Lisa ... Mike ... Greg
Slide Mountain
Catskill Mountains, NY
Greg's parents house and our rental car.
I hope no one minds all the pictures. I couldn't choose which ones to post,
because it is so hard to show how awesome their property is.
This is the huge backyard looking towards
the house from their beach.
Backyard from their dock.
Greg & Madison walking on the beach.

Looking at Lake Champlain from their backyard.

Madison pouting after Greg and I went for a boat ride and didn't take her with us.

Stowe Pinnacle, VT

Greg at the top.

View of Mount Mansfield (VT highpoint) from Stowe Pinnacle

Riding the ferry on Lake Champlain to New York

Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks, NY

There is an elevator built IN the mountain that you can take to the top. Or you can hike the short trail.

Church Street in Burlington, VTAt the waterfront after shopping on Church Street

Mount Pisgah, VT

Richard ... Justin ... Greg

Getting ready to jump off Devils Rock into Lake Willoughby

Richard ... Justin

Greg's turn. East Mountain, VT
The top of this mountain was a former site of a United States Air Force Station. It was built in 1955 and closed in 1963.
We climbed through one of the old buildings -climbing over half doors that wouldn't open and up a ladder to the roof- to take pictures from the top.

Our last stop on our way back to NYC to catch our plane
was a drive up Equinox Mountain in VT.
Greg looking for the highest point on the mountain.

Checking out the area in the clouds

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Over the 4th of July Greg and I went to Montana for camping and peak bagging. Check out our pictures.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Two weekends ago Greg and I took a weekend trip to Idaho to bag some peaks. We had great weather the whole weekend and Greg was successful in all the peaks that he did. The first day we hiked Redbird and then Greg traversed over to Shelly - on the way down from Redbird we had an AWESOME thousand foot glissade (descending the mountain on our butts in the snow). It was one of the best glissades that we have done together. The next day we headed to Smiley Mountain where I waited at the car for Greg to hike the peak. He had a great day on the mountain and I got a nice tan.

Redbird Mountain

Almost to the summit of Redbird

Greg on Redbird with Shelly behind him

I took this picture from Redbird of Greg on the summit of Shelly - Can you see him?

That's me glissading down Redbird

I made it down the glissade - Ski gloves in June???

Our camp spot

Smiley Mountain

Greg on Smiley by himself :-(

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who to hike with?

While Greg was gone in Georgia I had to find other people to go hiking with. Luckily I found a couple different people that were willing to go with me.

Raquel and I at Lower Bell Reservoir. Raquel's first hike!
Me, Holly and Landon at Adams Canyon
Adams Canyon Waterfall
Over the weekend I hung out with 2 legends in the hiking world.
Dean Molen and Ken Jones.
South Pequop - Nevada
Dean and Ken on Spruce Mountain - Nevada